Making PASKR easier for subs, architects, engineers, and owners


Refreshing the vendor side of PASKR...



In the world of construction there are a ton of moving parts. Yet, when done right the end result is some of the most beautiful buildings, facilities, or spaces. Keeping a project team up with the latest Plans, RFIs, or Change Orders can be an absolute nightmare. That is one of the many reasons why we created PASKR.


Today, we are happy to announce a refresh to the Subcontractor, Architect, Engineer, and Owner side of PASKR. We have listened to hundreds of our customers and to thousands of our customers vendors to create a seamless experience using PASKR. It was our goal to address the discoverability, usability, and ease ability to ‘get things done’. Here are a few ways in which we did that…


Easier to use navigation


We completely re-tooled how subs, engineers, architects, or owners will navigate through PASKR. After log-in users will notice a new way to move about PASKR. Users will no longer need to select a project and then a task. Rather, pick the task they ‘came here to-do’ followed by ‘for which project’.



A more app like experience


In conjunction with a new navigation users will now also have a more mobile app like experience. Every page is now 100% responsive. This means we created an optimal viewing experience with navigation, reading, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices. From mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors.



An updated look & feel


In each module / task we completely renovated the look and feel. It should feel familiar but more modern and clean. You can expect the same features and functionality now with greater form. We’ve also provided greater context clues to address any confusion from users. Speaking of help… we’re are also rolling out a beta-preview of a brand new help system which you can preview here.



We’ll be rolling out this update today to make it quick and simple to get things done inside of PASKR. Contact Us if you have any questions.

We can’t to see what you build!



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