Introducing updates to RFI’s, Meetings, and a brand new Help System

 New features available now.


Group 7 



You now have an updated RFI module! You will notice that we gather all of the typical information you are used to entering into an RFI. However, we have enhanced a few features. You can now drag and drop RFI attachments into the RFI, as well as easily cc: contacts. Your RFI recipients can still respond just as easily as before and you will still be able to send RFI’s right from the palm of your hand using the PASKR mobile app.


To Navigate:

Tasks > RFI’s > Create New > Add RFI





Another one of the changes you will notice is that you can now create multiple types of Meeting groups (Pre-Construction, Job Site, Safety, and Owner’s Meetings). We have 4 preset meeting types already included, but if you click on the Gear Icon, you can add your own company’s additional meeting types.



Begin by choosing an option from the menu on the first screen, enter in meeting details, and post them for all project contacts. We also improved functionality for uploading multiple attachments for meetings, and posting them to project contacts.

To Navigate:

Tasks > Project Minutes > Create Project Minutes



Help Menu


We also have a new HELP Menu with written and click through instructions to navigate through PASKR with ease. You will notice a new clean crisp look with clear click-through sequence instructions. These will be located at the top of each topic to direct you where to go to complete your task.


Check it out at:


What’s Next


We hope that you are as excited about these updates as we are. There will be a few MORE announcements coming this SUMMER to PASKR that will be sure to knock your hard hat off. We can’t wait to see what you build.


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