Introducing — PASKR Daily Logs 2.0

New enhancements available now in PASKR — Construction Management Software.



Daily Logs

We recently released a greatly enhanced Daily Log experience! You will notice that we gather all of the typical information you are use to entering into daily logs. However, we have added a few new features & enhancements that are highlighted below!


Enhanced: Look & Feel

First and foremost, you’ll notice a new look and feel. We’re rolling out the same great pattern and experience you’ve been having with RFIs, Meetings, & Submittals into Daily Logs. We’ve completely streamlined the search-ability, readability, and creation, management, and approval process.



New Feature: Weather Thresholds

You now have the ability to set weather thresholds globally or if a geographically distributed team per project. When the weather thresholds are met PASKR will automatically flag the report and file it into Weather Days. These logs will be displayed on the weather occurrences report. Threshold options include:

  • Rain, Snow, Hurricane, Lightning, Tornado, High Wind
  • Rainfall amount in inches
  • Min Temperature & Max Temperature
  • Visibility
  • Wind Speed

Enhanced: Daily Log Report

The Daily Log Report has a new look to it. You will notice the report has all of the original data points you are used to. However, it now includes: Equipment present on site and photos!

New Feature: Equipment Rental Details

Say good-bye to late fees .You now can track rental equipment, the vendor or owner, and the equipment(s) return date(s)!



New Feature: Adding Document Attachments

You can now drag and drop attachments and photos into the Daily Log! The photos will be displayed when you go to print the daily log.



Enhanced: Tasks Worked on

We enhanced the WSYWIG (what you see is what you get) editor to allow you to input other tasks being worked on, on site.

Enhanced: Comments / Events / Changes

We enhanced the WSYWIG (what you see is what you get) editor to allow you to free text input comments, events worth noting, or changes.


As always, we can’t wait to see what you build.


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