4 Reasons to Transition Your Construction Business Away from Excel

 Mitigating risks in the construction industry involves close coordination, accurate data monitoring and filing, as well as operational tracking and monitoring. For many companies, this means relying on manual, tedious spreadsheets and processes that spotlight the industry’s reliance on Microsoft excel processes.



However, this should no longer be the case in current times. Technology affords organizations the option to leverage on integrated digital solutions that allow for transitioning from excel-based quality and risk processes to digital, paperless systems.

If your company is one that has to deal with the hassle of sifting through Excel files and paper documents, consider the following important reasons why you should transition your business away from manual processes.


1. Efficiency is critical to your business

A business can lose up to 20-30 percent of revenue due to inefficient processes. This fact isn’t exclusive to construction companies. No matter what industry you’re in, efficiency is key to your business’ success. One way you can ensure this is by not wasting time sorting through piles of paper documents and Excel printouts.

Fortunately, this is one aspect of the business that can be easily automated. Utilizing a CMS (construction management software), all your necessary paperwork can be stored digitally, immediately accessible when needed by anyone, anywhere.


2. Continued reliance on excel documentation can increase risks for your company

Minimizing risks and maintaining quality is important to construction companies. The cumbersome process of sorting and filing through excel sheets and tabs has always been part and parcel of this process. Unfortunately, this very process greatly increases potential errors that can cause delays, accidents, miscommunication, and other common construction challenges.

With Construction Management Software, however, your ability to store things digitally, create multiple backup copies, and offer access to relevant team members means you’re minimizing these common risks.




3. CMS gives more control to easily manage common construction challenges

CMS gives you the ability to manage a business’ important documents and paperwork in a single, integrated system. CMS dashboards are intuitive, simple to use, and affords you exceptional transparency into communication, quality control, and operational management.

Having all these solutions allows you to feel more empowered and in control. It affords you more control into the various processes that make up the whole of your construction business. It even helps you reduce cost while achieving the highest quality that your company can achieve.


4. Shifting to digital solutions lets you significantly reduce expenses

According to studies, the average cost of rework due to poor document control can reach up to $4.2 billion a year. Mistakes and inconsistencies in record keeping are also the primary cause of rework in the construction business, which significantly impacts schedules and therefore, budgets. 

With a CMS, you’re able to update documents in real-time. Everyone is kept in the loop at the speed of need. You can significantly reduce paper and printing costs, and also improve accountability among team members.


Switching to a digital solution isn’t just about saving the environment. It’s about discovering where you can be more efficient in order to minimize risks and increase productivity. This is exactly why we founded PASKR. Schedule a call today so we can discuss how our solution can help your organization.


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