3 Construction Challenges Derailing Your Project and How to Manage It

No matter how carefully you plan, the unpredictability of construction can make forecasting, project visibility, and keeping track of its different elements very challenging.

3 Construction Challenges Derailing Your Project  and How to Manage It

Given this, there really is no cut and dried approach to guarantee project success. However, using a construction management software (CMS) is definitely a good place to start. Here are some of the most common construction challenges companies encounter and how you can manage it with CMS.


Difficulty collaborating and ensuring productivity for team members in the field

If you notice that your project managers are spending a lot of time on the phone or traveling back and forth between meetings or project sites, then your productivity might be taking a hit as well. This usually means that instead of focusing on solving problems, your team is busy tending to the more tedious aspects of project management such as coordination and monitoring.

A CMS can help ensure that your team can get the information, wherever and whenever they need it. It can help gather the necessary insight to make better business decisions, integrating data. Thanks to its mobility features, a CMS can reliably and promptly alert team members who need to constantly stay in the loop.


Ensuring up-to-date information sharing for proper project implementation

Construction teams tend to work in silos. Design teams have their own processes and deliverables, as do administrative teams, accounting, and construction workers. The challenge here is that construction requires all these different departments to work simultaneously and seamlessly.

Given this, better collaboration and communication is necessary between the different departments, which a CMS can help facilitate. Centralized access to documents means no one has to share outdated, paper-based data that may cause mistakes in project implementation. Additionally, centralizing data storage allows all team members to access critical information and documentation from a central space.


Inability to anticipate and address problems

Anticipating risks, managing problems, and minimizing delays are all critical aspects in ensuring that construction projects are successful. However, achieving this means project managers have to act swiftly and address challenges in a decisive manner. It’s the only way you can resolve problems constructively and efficiently.

Fortunately, CMS offers project managers the option to leverage on key features that allow for better resolutions. Reports and data visualization can be automatically generated, thus allowing for a clear, big picture overview towards insightful decision making. Intuitive dashboards also ensure that project managers stay informed and on top of everything in order to quickly react when something goes wrong.


Streamline your current project management processes by leveraging on what a CMS can do for your business. A CMS can offer data integration, ensure up to date information sharing and notification, and guarantee that your team members remain focused and productive throughout the whole construction process. Choosing the right CMS to use is key. So, be sure to do your research in considering the right one for your organization. If you have any questions, give us a call today and see how we can help.


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