10 Ways to Work Smarter in Construction with PASKR

 Construction management can be a complicated operation without the right tools for the job. That’s why we developed PASKR, the most innovative and intuitive construction management software on the market today. Every member of your team can benefit from this cloud-based solution as you…



1. Save time and accomplish more

PASKR offers proven ways to help you produce more work in less time, and eliminate many tasks entirely. From concept to close, our smart software keeps everyone from the project manager to the accounting team on task, and projects on schedule and on budget.


2. Work the way you want

With a friendly, intuitive interface and workflow, PASKR makes it easy for you to jump right in and start getting projects under control immediately. After all, our software was built for general contractors by general contractors.


3. Go mobile to get more done

Transitioning from the field to the office can translate into lost time and lower productivity. With PASKR’s mobile capabilities and app, your project managers and superintendents can communicate efficiently from anywhere, anytime.


4. Increase efficiencies by going paperless

Gone are the days of wasting paper, printing out copies of documents and tracking down individuals for signatures. With just a few clicks, you can electronically distribute, document, track and sign any file needed for a project.


5. Minimize risk while maximizing productivity

To avoid costly legal risks, PASKR makes it easy for your entire team to follow best practices without jeopardizing the efficiency of the project. Our software resolves disputes and removes the excuse for unauthorized work.


6. Eliminate double entry

PASKR prevents the possibility of pesky human error by reducing the number of times you have to enter information. Our single entry, auto-forwarding of information ensures reports, contracts and budgets all populate correctly.


7. Seamlessly collaborate in real time

Keep every individual on your team in the loop with immediate access to current project information and details. Use the dashboard to improve workflow, minimize unnecessary downtime, reduce errors and omissions, and increase productivity.


8. Stay organized with centralized, secure data

Our online filing cabinet is much more than meets the eye; it’s a personal assistant always able to deliver exactly the document you need in the moment you need it. It also protects details about your company, your contacts and your project history.


9. Track every detail from concept to close

The tiniest piece of missing information could derail your project dramatically. Ensure that you and your team have everything from RFPs and change orders to meeting minutes and financials available in one location throughout the life of your project.


10. Alleviate conflict to reduce frustration

Are scheduling conflicts, unauthorized work and missing tasks causing projects to run long and over budget? Discover the difference when project managers, subcontractors and supervisors to work in harmony with clear communication.


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